Congratulations: A Farewell to Evangelion is an upcoming fanzine about the Evangelion franchise.To celebrate the recent end of this decades-long saga, we look back at all of it - from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion to the just-released 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time - with a zine that features its many memorable, endearing, heart-wrenching and amazing moments. Our contributors revisited and created pieces based on their own favorite memories, scenes, interactions or scenarios, be it from the very beginning to the very end.Our zine project is digital, packed with artwork, writing, several types of digital merchandise… and, most importantly, the spirit of the series, in a collection that truly bids ‘thank you’ and ‘sayonara’ to Evangelion.Now that the project has been finished, had its sales period and has been finally delivered to buyers, it is now CLOSED.

What's this project about, again? What will we see in it?
This zine will be a sort of look back through the Evangelion saga. A fan love letter to Evangelion. It’ll contain pieces based on impactful or memorable moments, which can be interactions/conversations that left an impression, battle moments, horror scenes, character compositions, etc. Of course, we’re speaking of things that happened or scenarios that were lived in the Evangelion saga.
They’ll be organized and presented according to the universe they take place in, from the original Neon Genesis Evangelion to the Rebuild of Evangelion movies, though pieces that bring other Evangelion universes all together may very well be present too. There will be both artwork and writing in the zine, as well as merch included with it.Is this going to be spoiler-free?
Not at all. Due to the theme of the zine, spoilers are very likely to appear, including spoilers of the final movie. It wouldn’t be a proper look back without that possibility open!
What characters will the zine feature?
While the major leading characters will surely get more presence in the zine, minor characters are not excluded. After all, we will feature moments and memories, so what characters are part of them will be welcome.
Will ships be featured?
There won’t be a particularly strong emphasis on romance, since that’s not the theme of the zine. Character relations should be represented or explored in line to how they are in the source material. Of course, romantic interaction will not be disallowed if they’re part of a canon memory, though we’ll have guidelines in place to keep things from leaning too much into shippiness.
Will this zine be SFW (Safe For Work)? Will it contain sensitive topics?
It’ll be largely SFW, but may display some canon-typical violence, blood and sensitive themes in certain pieces. There’ll be no sexual content; any instance of nudity will be partial and non-sexual.
We’ll have guidelines in place and will be working with our creators to treat delicate subjects sensibly, in order to bring you the best impactful but tasteful representations when it comes to Evangelion’s darker sides. Of course it’s only a portion of the content, but when present, it will be handled with care.Will the zine be digital-only?
Yes. There’ll be no physical version of this zine. Which also means the amount of content will not be limited by page count/weight; we intend to take very good advantage of this to produce a fantastic project. Get more bang for your buck, more Evangelion in your Neon Genesis!
What will be the format of the zine?
It'll be a high-quality book in vertical PDF format, comfortable for phone/tablet/similar devices and more than large enough for widescreen viewing in PC/similar devices.
What does it mean that the zine is "for-profit?"
It means it will be sold (the prices will be announced further down the production road). It also means that all participants will be compensated, from the sales proceeds.

How many contributors will be in the zine?
We aim to host a wide array of creators, including: 27 artists (page illustrators, comic artists, etc all included), 7 writers and 7 digital merch creators.
What kind of creators (and works) will you be looking for?
The type of creators we’re looking for are:
- Page Artists: to be featured with a full-page illustration.
- Comic artists: to be featured with 1 or more pages of comic work; ergo, a piece presented in panels, with or without text/dialogue.
- Fic writers: to be featured with pieces from 1,5k to 3k words of length, depending on their style preference.
- Merch creators: to be featured with digital-only merch. Artists with strong skills in drawing characters in standalone png, or illustrations that can blend into a backdrop design are highly valued. We will also look for artists with strong linework skills and/or experience with producing coloring pages, and artists with a good chibi style.
In general terms, in order to fit the theme of the zine, the works that would be done within it would have to be based on a canon part of the series. Expanding the scenario or focusing on one detail, viewing it from a different character’s eyes or further exploring something are all welcome (direct tracing/redrawing is not included). That's what applicants should be prepared and equipped to work with.Examples: a piece of Asuka and Rei in the elevator scene, a representation of Bardiel invading an Eva unit, a fic with a character’s unexplored inner monologue, a homage piece to Kaji’s death, a character piece on the moment Shinji decides to pilot, a piece set during instrumentality but from the perspective of a common citizen, etc. Pieces that are simply set in a general (but canon) moment, such as Yui’s college era or the timeframe when Nerv worked with its full pilot team, are also welcome. The creator may pitch their own character/moment, or express their favorite character/s and be flexible to the mod team’s suggestions of moments to represent.Merch, due to its limited nature, may be more simply character-focused or series-focused.Anything I should prepare, as an applicant?
Mainly, it would be good to have sample pieces for the type of work you’ll be applying for. For example, to apply as a comic artist, it would be very helpful to prepare samples that show such work instead of presenting only illustrations. We will also greatly value seeing Evangelion fanworks among your samples.
Do I need zine experience to apply?
Not at all, we will evaluate the applications themselves for our desired quality and for how much of a good fit the applicants’ work is for the zine. Beyond that, as far as actual zine participation goes, the mod team will guide you and assist with anything you need!
Are there age requirements to apply?
Yes. All applicants must be over 18 years of age.
Can I apply for more than one contributor role?
Yes, no problem with that. We’ll judge each application for the criteria in each role. However, to keep our lineup open to more creators and avoid disparities in the work each must do, we’ll only accept a contributor for 1 role at a time.
Do I own the piece I create for the zine, afterwards?
After the sales period has ended, yes. During the zine’s production, you’ll have to refrain from posting your piece or previews/parts of it. After the zine’s closing, you’ll hold full rights to your individual piece to post, commercialize or otherwise use, though only the piece itself.
How will contributors be compensated?
Proceeds from the zine’s sales will be divided evenly among all contributors via PayPal. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a PayPal in order to be compensated.

Interest Check Start: September 30
Interest Check Close: October 24
Applications Start: November 10
Applications Close: December 18
Application Result Emails: December 28 to December 30
Assignments: January 10
Creation Period: January-May
Preorders Countdown: April 30 to May 30
Preorders Start: May 31
Preorders Close: July 3rd

Red | Twitter, Tumblr
Head Mod, Organization, Communications, Finance Helper
Hey!! I’m Red, a JP-ENG-ESP translator, VN maker, jack of a few art/writing trades and I simply love Evangelion very much. I admire its story and characters, I’m just never done enjoying it and I feel a lot of gratitude for what it’s meant to me. Plus, I love organizing fan events, so combining those factors I’m just hyped as heck for this project! I intend to pour my heart, soul and hardest work into it.

Al | Twitter, Carrd
Head Mod, Graphics, Writing, Finance
Hi, I’m Al. Graphic design is my passion and so is writing. I overthink and overwork as a hobby and my latest fixation is Evangelion. I’m so happy to present this project and make something out of love and gratitude for a series that is so important in my life now. I’m really hyped and happy and I can’t wait to keep working hard to make this a Goodbye and Thank you to Eva’s ending.

Sol | Instagram, Twitter, Artfol
Art Mod
I'm Sol, a lover of Evangelion and making people cry (of happiness)! I've been into Eva since high school, and 6-7 years later I was able to revisit these feelings again, haha! I'm super honored to be part of this project, I think it's a lovely way to celebrate the series ending!